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Zero Impact Solutions was born out of a genuine concern for the environment and a real conviction that being environmentally friendly can and should also be financially sound. In the early 2000s, global warming was becoming a sobering reality we all woke up to. In 2006, Al Gore released “An inconvenient truth” which struck a chord with many of us, especially those that had read his book “Earth in the Balance” in the early 90s. One of our founders, Avo Babian, a dentist by trade, purchased his first home in 2007. In 2008 he undertook his passion of turning his home into a zero carbon footprint house with minimal impact on the environment. He began by installing solar panels on his roof, water collection tanks in his backyard, a grey water collection system under the house for his landscaping and kept adding improvements until the residence achieved an advanced state of low impact footprint and self-sufficiency. At that time, “Zero Impact Home” was born, and the house received critical acclaim in the Eco-sphere, attracting celebrities and environmentally conscientious local politicians. But it was not enough to just apply these improvements on one house. Avo felt that expanding these ideas and showing others, through easy steps and solutions, how to live a “Zero Impact Lifestyle” was the real long term solutions. Make it as easy as possible and others will do it as well. (An easy Blue Bin solution: Once we gave people blue bins, they all began to recycle, with no need to drive long distances to get to a recycling center). In 2015, Spiro Azkoul, an entrepreneur with 3 startups under his belt joined forces with Avo, founding Eco Hollywood, a company that aims at making major Hollywood landmarks green. They joined forces with producer Elie Samaha, owner and operator of the Chinese Theater, to gradually convert the historic Hollywood landmark into a renewable energy powered building, proving that even an electricity guzzling IMAX powered theater housed in a 99 year old building can still seamlessly convert into using Solar Panels. In 2017, Zero Impact Solutions was born, a brain child of Avo and Spiro’s efforts to take the product line nationally with a simple approach: Businesses and the enterprise can easily convert into renewable energy while still maintaining a healthy ROI and save more money in the long term. Saving the environment in the process became a very desirable side effect, which ensures that adopting healthy environmental strategies does not become a fad or temporary decisions only, rather valid long term business proposals that make sense to a majority of industries and verticals out there.
Zero Impact Solutions (ZIS) Global Enterprise Renewable Energy Solutions


At Zero Impact Solutions we specialize in being a one stop shop for businesses and enterprises that want to take advantage of green energy programs and incentives. Be it Solar or Water, Electrical Vehicles or Landscaping, we focus on executing an Eco strategy that promotes a healthy ROI while being good for the planet and its inhabitants. We understand that by definition, businesses need to be profitable first and foremost, but we also understand that implementing green strategies can in fact increase the ROI and benefit the enterprise in ways that are not always very obvious. In addition to the long term savings from cutting down Electric and Water bills, going green can cost a lot less when the right incentives, rebates and credits are applied on a commercial scale. Many city, county, state and federal programs exist out there that make installing Solar panels a lot less costly. Water collection programs can carry up to 100% rebates on labor and equipment while some Electric Vehicle chargers are completely free to install. Our job is to fully scope out all available incentives that match your business needs and offload as much of the cost as possible while implementing the most appropriate eco strategy for your enterprise. We also understand that different industry verticals have different needs. We focus in streamlining solutions for small retail, hospitals, malls, franchises, studios, cultural landmarks, apartment buildings, parking lots, schools, stadiums, department stores, parks, and other facilities that contain size-able parking structures.